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The time has finally come! It’s autumn!
I guess it’s pretty obvious that this is my favourite time of year. Although it’s quite sad that summer has come to an end, I am beyond thrilled that it’s starting to get chilly again. The leaves start changing colour and therefor turn everything in this magical colour scheme. The air is getting colder which means that we can layer it up again and wear flannels over t-shirts and jackets over flannels and fully commit to the fall aesthetic. The beverages are now preferably consumed hot aka it’s tea and hot coco season again. The festive time is slowly approaching and is reminding everyone that Halloween and Christmas are not too far away.
I think I could make a whole post about the reasons I love autumn but today I got my september favourites and I know it’s already the end of october but I thought better late than never, right? So let’s jump right into it! I hope you enjoy!

the hot beverages

As I already mentioned, this time of year has me bound to binge on hot beverages. Wether that’s tea, hot chocolate or a even crazier amount of coffee, I am all for it.
Something about the feeling of holding a steaming cup of mouth-watering liquid on a cold day gives me a comforting sense of home and coziness. But don’t worry I not only drink it for the aesthetic (although that’s quite a big part); the taste of a perfect cup of tea with the right amount of milk and sugar is just the creme de la creme in this kind of season.



fall fashion

What would an autumn favourites be without fashion items? Therefor I had to include my (relatively) new black jean jacket. NO, it’s not your regular jean jacket, it’s black. Fitting to my personality. Just kidding. But not about the jacket because that is indeed black. I’ve been wearing it almost every single day and most of my friends probably think that I don’t own anything else anymore so there you see how often I’ve been wearing it.
Another new favourite of mine are my suede burgundy chelsea boots. I think that shoe is me in shoe form. It’s my favourite colour. My favourite material and a great fit. Everything I need in a shoe.
One of the most exciting things fashion wise in autumn for me are flannels. Now I do wear flannels pretty much all year round but autumn makes me want to bring out my inner lumberjack even more and I am more than okay with it.







this weather

Ugh. This weather. This weather is what I live for at this time of year.
As much as I love spring, summer and winter, autumn surpasses them all. There are few things that I love more than a sunny, breezy and golden autumn day.
Seeing trees in all the gorgeous tones of red and orange makes me stop and take a picture every time. Literally every time. The way dozens of leaves cover the pavement and make it look like someone threw glitter over the streets is just mesmerizing to me. Everything seems so much more intense and beautiful. The sun warms your back but doesn’t make you sweat. The wind ruffles through your hair and keeps you cool in case the sun does overdo it. And literally everything is pumpkin spiced, which is quite nice for a pumpkin lover like me.










Honestly, typing up this blog post probably put me in the most autumnal mood I’ve ever been and I’m not complaining about it.
I hope I had an impact on you as well and made you appreciate the great things autumn has to offer (if you weren’t already in love with them). I also hope you make the best of this season and enjoy it while it lasts because, for me, autumn flies by like no other season.
I’ll see you soon for my next month’s favourites and I mean really soon, seeing as it is now almost already November!

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8 thoughts on “/ september favourites

  1. omg…such an amazing post. The only thing in my mind while I´ve been reading it: same, same, same. I think you´re more than a soulmate to me, gurl. Just promise me one thing: never ever stop writing!


  2. Okay. I already knew I loved fall but thanks to you I now realised how fricking much I loved it!!! You put it into words and if I ever get asked again, why exactly I’m such a slut for autumn, I’ll just send them a link because there’s nothing to add… And you already know my opinion on those photos. Keep up the good work, I’m rooting for you and it’s only partly because of my urgent need to read good stuff.


  3. you certainly have a point when it comes to layering – it definitely opens up a whole new range of fashion options. at least, unless it’s getting so cold that all the layering turns you into a super-inflated version of the michelin man, that is. 🙂 share your love for pumpkins, too. my daughter has already accused me of mixing hokkaido pumpkin into almost each and every dish! 🙂


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